Additive Products


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Gear Oil Additive Packages

LUBIMAX® G 337 is a cost effective multifunctional premium gear oil additive package used to formulate both automotive and industrial gear oils with suitable base stocks. Its unique sulfur/phosphorus technology results in the formulation of low odor gear oils. LUBIMAX® G 337 is designed to provide a superior performance of extreme pressure, rust protection, corrosion protection, thermal and oxidation stability.

Engine Oil Additive Package- CDCF

LUBIMAX® 1600HT is a high-performance additive package for formulating mid to low tier crankcase lubricant oils for gasoline and diesel engines with Group I base stocks. LUBIMAX® 1600HT provides superior deposit, wear and rust control along with oil oxidation protection in diesel and gasoline engines.

Engine Oil Additive Package

LUBIMAX® D 9989 is a new technology additive package specially designed for heavy-duty diesel engine oil formulations. This versatile additive can be used along with a wide range of base oils to formulate engine oils meeting API performance levels of CI-4/SL, CH-4/SJ, CG-4 and CF-4 as well as key OEM requirements. LUBIMAX® D 9989 imparts essential performance requirements to HDEOs to provide optimum performance and the smooth running of trucks, buses, or even fleets under severe operating conditions.

Cutting Oil Additive Package

LUBIMAX® SolCut 12 is a high performance emulsifier and corrosion inhibitor used to produce water miscible cutting fluids for metalworking applications. It contains a combination of anionic and nonionic emulsifier and corrosion inhibitor with extra performance additives.


LUBIMAX® 2571 is  an  ethylene  propylene  copolymer Viscosity  Index  Improver used  informulatingautomotiveand industrial oils.This VII in pellet form, present high oil solubility in different base stocksand excellent viscosity effectiveness. LUBIMAX® 181 present very goodlow temperature properties when combined with suitable pour point.

Lubimax 411E- Lubricant Additive Components

LUBIMAX®  411E  is  a  general-purpose  premium  quality,   over-based  calcium  sulfonate  TBN  Booster  additive  that  is  typically  used  as  a  detergent  and  rust  inhibitor  in  crankcase  lubricants with  suitable  base stocks. LUBIMAX® 411E has a strong acid neutralizing ability, detergency, and dispersion effects as well as anti-rust performance. In addition, it has excellent high temperature and hydrolytic stability. The product compatibility is tested and approved in Base Oil Group I and II. 

Lubimax VII - Lubricant Additive Components-Viscosity Index Improver

VII is  an  ethylene  propylene  copolymer Viscosity  Index  Improver used  informulatingautomotiveand industrial oils. This VII in pellet form, present high oil solubility in different base stocks and excellent viscosity effectiveness.

Lubimax Hy-563

LUBIMAX® HY563 is a premium anti-wear hydraulic additive package developed to provide excellent wear control, drain interval, filterability performance as well as good air release properties to meet the requirements of modern hydraulic fluids. LUBIMAX® HY563 is designed for high and low-pressure hydraulic systems in industrial and mobile applications. It helps to enhance equipment reliability, reduction in downtime and provides thermal stability by protecting critical parts.